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January 2009: New research commissioned by dental payment plan provider, Denplan, has revealed that the Tooth Fairy is likely to become known as a miser this year as the amounts she leaves under pillows are slashed.

Children as well as adults will be worse off in 2009, as a new survey reveals that a third of parents in Great Britain said that the credit crunch would impact payments left by the Tooth Fairy by up to 10 per cent. That's an estimated £1 million yearly reduction in pocket money usually left out as a reward for milk teeth.

Children of single parents are the most likely to experience a cut in the amount they receive when times are hard (53 per cent). And although widowed or divorced parents are least likely to cut the amount they leave (16 per cent), those of them that will, will at least make a cut of a whopping 50 per cent.

13 per cent of parents already say the Tooth Fairy doesn’t leave money at their house, and that...

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