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The recent furore over the intervention of Ofsted in the case of two policewomen who work for the same constabulary and share childcare between them, was of no surprise for father of two, Tej Gawera, who is the founder of web-based childcare sharing service - The service enables parents to find other parents in their local area, with whom they can share childcare with.

To recap, two mothers who have children of around the same age, and work as police officers for the same constabulary, decided to share childcare between themselves so that they could both work part time. The Ofsted rules state that if person A is not related to person B, and provides childcare for person B for more than 2 hours and then in turn receives a “reward”, then person A must be a registered childminder. In this case, the receiving of childcare is deemed as reward, and therefore is not allowed. This...

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