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Solicitor’s upgrade to new digital dictation provider proves to be an excellent decision

Aberdeen based Solicitors, Burnett & Reid have appointed leading digital dictation provider Lexacom that delivered software with unexpected benefits.

Burnett & Reid have always used digital dictation software to support their document creation systems. They were unexpectedly informed by their supplier that their digital dictation software was being upgraded and to continue using it meant Burnett & Reid upgrading their own internal server to support this change. Together with increased costs for licences and annual support, they concluded it was time to change.

Burnett & Reid investigated new software solutions that would work on their existing servers without causing a significant financial burden upon the company. Burnett & Reid found that Lexacom would be able to provide all the solutions they needed and more, enabling them to carry on working with their existing servers.

Burnett & Reid rely on access to digital dictation support on a daily basis, to serve their 25 fee earners, so the transition to change the software services over needed to be a seamless process. With this in place and already comfortable with using digital dictation, the Solicitors firm was able to continue with their normal day to day working life, but now with Lexacom 3.

In addition to using Lexacom 3’s advanced digital dictation software, Burnett & Reid now also benefit from the use of the Lexacom Mobile app which they access from the Lexacom platform that integrates with Lexacom 3. The mobile app supports their team of Solicitors, allowing them to be able to work from home or whilst with clients outside their office.

With this, and the cost savings they have made using Lexacom, Burnett & Reid are very happy with the change.

Helen Strachan, Practice Manager from Burnett & Reid comments “When Lexacom 3 was first installed, the support provided by the engineers was excellent and ensured a seamless transition to Lexacom 3. The software is easy to use and has given us a cost effective solution to meet our needs, which has made everyone in the firm happy”.

Burnett & Reid are always looking to improve the efficiency of their organisation. To ensure they have the right solutions for each member of the team they are now making plans to trial Lexacom’s latest product, Lexacom Echo, to continue maximising their end to end document creation workflow capabilities.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director at Lexacom commented: We are delighted to be working with Burnett & Reid. We pride ourselves on providing a solution that not only enhances the efficiency and quality of the work produced but in a cost-effective way. We are thrilled that we have provided this service to a legal practice such as Burnett & Reid”.

Lexacom is the only provider of advanced digital dictation and workflow solutions that can offer the most flexible range of fully integrated services.

Designed specifically with the professional user in mind, our all-encompassing software, Lexacom 3, is the ideal solution for legal organisations. Lexacom 3 can be configured specifically for any organisational structure’s requirements in order to lighten your workload, improve accuracy and enhance efficiency in your workplace.

For more information about Lexacom 3, Lexacom Echo, Lexacom Mobile and the fully integrated services that Lexacom offers to provide a completed end to end workflow, please contact our Sales Team by email or by telephone 01295 236910

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