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If you were to set foot inside any local pub or restaurant up until about six years ago, you would have undoubtedly seen people lighting up in every corner of the room and there would have been ashtrays on every table with the unmistakable air of cigarette smoke filling the atmosphere.

However, the introduction of the UK Smoking Ban which formed an integral part of the Health Act of 2006 effectively put a complete stop on people’s freedom to smoke in public places. Although this has had a positive effect in terms of reducing the number of people taking up the habit in the first place and improving the quality of air that we all breathe when we go out for a drink or something to eat, the smoking ban has led to many people who still choose to smoke being made to feel like ‘outcasts’ or ‘social lepers’ in words of their own choosing.

Of course, if you go to a pub or restaurant nowadays, you will now be greeted by the sight of smokers being forced to...

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