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Now Tier 1 Carriers Can Extend Every Application to Every Subscriber for Increased Revenue

AppTrigger, Inc., the leading provider of telecom application connectivity solutions, today announced the release of the Ignite™ Application Session Controller (ASC) version 10.0 unleashing its ASC ServiceExtender capabilities. Tier 1 Service Providers can now turn to the ASC ServiceExtender as a solution to preserve their investment in existing revenue producing voice services by extending them to NGN/IMS build outs while also enabling Next Gen applications the ability to leverage the large subscriber base within their legacy networks.

The ASC ServiceExtender provides benefits for both “old to new” as well as “new to old” application extension. Service Providers looking to extend existing applications to their NGN/IMS build outs will eliminate the need to re-write or re-purchase applications, see increased revenue from existing applications and enable proven,...

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