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Winter Driving infographic

As icy cold snaps make for challenging conditions on the roads, a High Street opticians is urging people to ‘get themselves seen’ after more than a quarter of customers admitted they are choosing to drive less during the winter months.
The main reasons given for not getting behind the wheel is down to glare of oncoming headlights (69 per cent), closely followed by icy roads (66 per cent) and driving in snow (63 per cent).
The straw poll of 700 customers carried out by Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care also showed that one in six are scared of driving in the dark, with 60 per cent not aware of the availability of lenses designed to reduce headlights dazzle and improve vision in low light and poor weather conditions.
Almost all of those surveyed (91 per cent) believed that eye tests for drivers should be a statutory requirement, with 53 per cent believing the test...

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