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Train at 12,500 feet Without Leaving the Ground with Stephen Price Pre-Ski Training

Anyone who’s ever skied will know that injury on the slopes is quite common and the out-of-condition recreational skier taking his or her annual holiday is most at risk. Typically, most people do little or no training prior to hitting the slopes with reckless abandon and the combination of thin air at altitude and abnormal amounts of exertion in the first few days can prove disastrous – statistics show that the most common time to be injured is the second afternoon of a six-day holiday. Fatigue is a prime cause of injury and the best way to prevent accidents is by taking part in a pre-ski conditioning programme.

Stephen Price will ensure you embark on your ski holiday at the top of your game and in prime physical shape with his newly launched 3 week ski training package. Combining strength and endurance training with nutritional advice and sports massage therapies the course guarantees that by the time you hit the steep blacks you’ll be at your optimum fitness to get the most out of your trip.

Using one of Europe’s most advanced altitude (Hypoxic) chambers at 3 Jubilee Place (Stephen Price’s ultra swish new gym), allows your body to acclimatise to the equivalent of exercising at 12,500ft (higher than any European ski resort), increasing performance so that you can go the extra mile on the slopes, stay more alert and ski more safely. Used by mountaineers training to climb the world’s highest peaks, the Hypoxic chamber is a piece of high tech equipment usually accessible only to elite athletes.

‘Hypoxic training greatly reduces the bodies recovery time from intense bouts of exercise and helps aerobic breathing and circulation ensuring oxygen gets to the muscles faster to increase stamina and endurance,’ explains Stephen Price.

So if you’ve ever spent your annual ski holiday recovering from ligament sprains, a twisted knee or even worse, a limb fracture at the bottom of the slopes, Stephen Price Pre-Ski Training is definitely for you!
Strength: Whether you’re a complete novice looking to extend your time on the slopes or a fan of fast downhill straights or crazy jumps, Stephen and his team will tailor a strength conditioning routine using a combination of specialist ski training equipment, plyometrics and targeted exercises to get the legs, arms and core in shape.

Endurance: cardiovascular training gives the base level of muscular endurance that’s needed for a day of repetitive 10-20 minute ski runs.

Nutrition: Stephen’s tailored nutritional advice (in conjunction with Vicki Edgson’s school of nutrition) is a must and can be just as important as cardio training when it comes to making the best of a day on the slopes and an evening of après ski. Advice is given on what to eat in the run up to your trip, what snacks will keep your energy levels high whilst on the slopes and what to avoid during those après ski evenings off, or rather on, the piste!

Make Stephen Price Pre-Ski training an essential part of your ski holiday now!

Stephen Price offers a three week course including initial fitness review, nutritional consultation, 9 personal training sessions each including 20-30 minutes of hypoxic (altitude chamber) training and 2 sports massage therapies to ease those aching muscles, £1000.

Longer bespoke courses can be arranged by appointment.

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