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The Complete Cosmetic Beauty Guide
By Wendy Lewis

To be published on 15th January 2008 by Orion Books at £16.99

Wendy Lewis will be in London 14-18th January and
available for interview/comment.

The must-have guide to all the latest cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments written by the world’s leading independent consultant

Wendy Lewis won’t name names. But the celebrity beauty guru will share the beauty secrets for which her high profile clients pay top dollar. Once the preserve of the super-rich, cosmetic surgery is an option more people than ever are prepared to consider. But what’s involved? What are the risks? Where should one start? And how much does it cost?

This comprehensive, practical guide gives the facts you need to make an informed decision on what is right for you. Whether you are a ‘virgin or a veteran’ of cosmetic enhancement, Plastic Makes Perfect will be your armchair/bedside companion as you navigate the latest surgical procedures and non-invasive treatments. So whether you’re in the market for a facelift, curious to know the difference between a peel and a filler, or just want insider tips on the best beauty products out there, Plastic Makes Perfect provides all the information you need.

Dubbed ‘The Knife Coach,’ Wendy Lewis is a highly sought after and respected impartial advisor to royalty and celebrities, and men and women all over the world seeking a bit of a nip or tuck. With her signature wit, wisdom and honesty, Wendy tells you what works – and what is just a waste of money.

Topics covered include

* Celebrities and cosmetic surgery – the greatest celebrity lies revealed!
* What should you be doing in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.
* What cosmetic surgery can – and can’t – do!
* Recovery master plan (what to do, take and apply.)
* The dos and don’ts of shopping around for a surgeon.
* The lowdown on lifts and lipo.
* How to have a fabulous face and beautiful breasts.
* The tuck without the nip: cosmetic surgery lite – all about fillers, beams,
lights and waves. What are they and how do they work?
* A beginners guide to Botox.
* Creams, lotions and potions – what beauty products really work.


‘The Queen of Cosmetic Surgery’ – Evening Standard

‘Whether it’s Botox, a better set of teeth or a facelift they’re after, independent cosmetic surgery consultant Wendy Lewis is the first port of call for in-the-know Manhattanites’ – Harpers Bazaar

WENDY LEWIS is a leading authority on cosmetic surgery and an international imagine enhancement coach and beauty guru. She counselled patients for some of New York’s premier aesthetic plastic surgeons for 12 years before starting her consultancy in 1997, and now sees private clients in New York, London and Paris, and conducts telephone consultations with clients from all over the world.

Wendy writes a popular Q&A column ‘Nip & Tuck’ for You Magazine, where she answers readers’ queries about cosmetic beauty topics. She has written for The Evening Standard, Sunday Times Magazine, Financial Times, Tatler, InStyle and many other publications. Her previous books include The Lowdown on Facelifts and other Wrinkle Remedies, Beauty Secrets and America’s Cosmetic Doctors. Her website is

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