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So: Cannes/St. Barth’s/Ibiza/the mother’s egg-and-spoon race are looming, and you need to shape up. But can you really achieve a ‘beach bod’ in a fortnight? From TenPilates in – the ‘hot’ dynamic Pilates destination in Notting Hill – here’s some refreshing honesty… (And some encouraging news!)

‘Yes, it’s possible to get a flatter stomach/toned thighs/lose that muffin top’, says David Higgins, co-founder of TenPilates a combination of traditional Pilates moves with circuit, weight and balance training. But, he adds, the vast majority of drop-a-dress-size-by-Friday diets and exercise regimes really are too good to be true. ‘For most of us, two or even three weeks is just not long enough to make any significant difference – in fact, any method that actually did that would probably be doing you more harm than good. And anyone who suggests otherwise is telling you porkies,’ reveals David.

But now for the good news. TenPilates has an outstanding record for transforming body shapes – maybe not overnight, but by helping clients to set (and achieve) step-by-step goals, in a sustainable way. In other words, the sleek, toned shape you’ll achieve with regular dynamic Pilates sessions will be lasting, as well as attainable. Results are fast, yes – but there are no magic wands. So: your bikini may not be quite as teensy-weensy this summer as in your dreams - but your new backside (and the rest) isn’t going to backslide. (Unlike so many ‘crash diet’ bodies, to which the pounds pile straight on again after a fortnight of sunset cocktails and aioli.) And by next summer? Trust TenPilates: you’ll actually enjoy shopping for swimwear…

So from TenPilates, here are 10 true secrets for achieving a beach body that will stay bikini-worthy…

1 Stay off the scales! Many things affect your body weight, not just the amount of body fat you have. A better way to measure your success is to go shopping: there’s nothing more rewarding than fitting into a smaller dress/jeans size.

2 Cut out carbs after 5 p.m. (preferably after lunch), lay off the fast food and rethink those extra few drinks on Friday night.

3 The feel-good ‘endorphin kick’ achieved by engaging in regular intense exercise like the TenPilates workout will help you shake off ‘gym dread’, banish those negative thoughts about exercise and assist you on the path to a happier, healthier you.

4 Increase your incidental activity: you’ll be amazed how quick it is to walk between most Tube stops, and beat the line for the escalator by walking up the steps. Every little helps.

5 Set realistic goals. Reaching them feels great and pushes you on to new heights.

6 Aim for a mix of cardio and resistance exercise. TenPilates offers all the benefits of toning, strength and aerobic fitness but there’s nothing wrong with throwing in a few extra runs/swims/cardio gym sessions, during the week.

7 Get your friends/family involved. There’s nothing like a bit of positive reinforcement. Your friends and family want to see you succeed and be happy, so having them support and/or train with you is a great way to keep on track when you’re feeling like a day off.

8 Try to do a little every day and spread your exercise out over the week. Half an hour a day is all it takes to get the ball rolling.

9 Drink three litres of water a day, eat a solid breakfast of slow-release carbs (i.e. porridge or muesli) and increase your intake of fruit and veg (ideal for snacks between meals).

10 Focus on you. Try not to get caught up in all the supermodel/celebrity hype or worry about what everyone else looks like. By all means admire other people, but don’t lose sight of what you can realistically achieve.

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