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High-Definition film and TV has become a source of anxiety for A-list actresses and anchorwomen. (And men, too). Today, revolutionary HD technology means that cameras are far less forgiving as every flaw becomes visible: each imperfection and blemish is magnified and even accentuated, with the HD media taking the camera to the very depth of your pores…

So Britain’s No. 1 semi-permanent make-up artist has created a bespoke selection of treatments for anyone who wants to look their absolute best in HD close-up – and she’s called it FAME HD. (FAME® is Debra’s registered trademark, short for Facial Aesthetic Micro-Enhancement). Having devised these semi-permanent treatments – which provide a smooth, soft-focus appearance to the face, delivering flawless results which appear totally natural during filming - Debra is now so in demand that high-profile US clients are jetting in from Hollywood and Manhattan to take advantage of HD FAME appointments with Debra at her exclusive and discreet Harley Street clinic.

FAME HD is also going down a semi-permanent storm with UK celebrities, conscious of the increasingly widespread ownership of HD TVs in British homes. When you want to look as flawless as Nicole Kidman, there is only one person to turn to: Debra Robson-Lawrence, whose experience and talent can enhance every face, ensuring you really are ready for your close-up - on an LCD wide screen in your living room, in cinematic Panavision. (Or for those of us who aren’t due to be up for an Oscar anytime soon - in a smooch.) In fact, to their delight, Debra’s non-celeb clients are also finding that FAME HD taps into the trend for clean, real-looking, less made-up skin – skin which looks its best under the harsh fluorescent light of an office and in unforgiving bright daylight, not just by soft candlelight…

So: just what are the HD A-list booking in for…?

FAME HD High Brow Definition Pencilled-in eyebrows are clearly visible in HD. But for this popular treatment, Debra uses subtle individual hair strokes to help shape and define weak brows, using her own Liquid Perfection® range of pigments. The result? Eyes are instantly awakened and perfectly framed – which has the effect of leaving you looking bright-eyed, (and years younger) thanks to (almost) imperceptible definition. Debra's subtle expert technique adds depth and colour to faded brows and can reshape and restyle over tweezed or sparse brows while appearing completely natural, no matter how close you get.

FAME HD Lip Perfection Imagine lips that are gently tinted (using the most natural, lip-like tone) – even when lip liner, lipstick and gloss have worn off. Using semi-permanent techniques she’s perfected through years of experience, Debra creates seamless, can’t-tell-it-from-real results which look ultra-flattering on HD TV.

FAME HD Volume Control A true alternative to the collagen-boosted ‘trout pout’, Debra uses subtly blended shades which almost disappear when feathered into the lip-line, plumping lips to make them appear full, smooth and super-pretty. There’s none of the tell-tale harshness that lip liner can give on HD TV, and the technique can be used to balance any unevenness in lip shape which becomes more obvious in close-up, refresh the lip-line to give that soft out-of-focus effect, or to create natural-looking, seductive curves. Debra is expert at selecting the perfect shade for your complexion and natural lip colouring: lip-toned pink, delicately neutral or kiss-of-rose.

FAME HD Secret Liner This is how to wear eyeliner without blowing your au naturel cover! Debra Robson-Lawrence lines the lashes through this signature treatment by gently introducing pigments up and underneath the roots, creating delicate definition and opening up the eyes to make lashes look ultra luscious.

FAME HD (Eye) Colour Control As many actresses and news presenters know, colour can be a cunning eye brightener – but who needs the fuss of putting in coloured contact lenses? Debra Robson-Lawrence understands how to enhance and turbo-charge eye colour for effectiveness: layering a brown eye-line over a blue one, for instance, can have a dramatic impact, especially on light-coloured eyes. Your eyes will appear brighter, clearer and more sparkling – and no viewer (or friend or lover) will be able to figure out why…

For client bookings please contact:

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Phone: 0845 230 2021

For more information or to arrange an interview or demonstration please contact:

Fiona Durkin or Linda Land
Linda Land Public Relations
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