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Live Score, football commentary, player stat and lineups on

Live football scores are easy to find anywhere on the Internet - if you just want to know the live score. But if football fans and bettors want to know exactly what is going on in a specific match, they have to look a little harder around the internet. The livescore site,, have established a GameCenter service that features instant live score, up-to-the minute live football commentary, individual player stats, lineups and live stats - from all the major European football leagues.

With this feature soccer fans can now experience the nerve of each match directly on their PC screens at home.

"Fast and detailed updates are the name of the game at innovative live football sites"

...29 year old co-founder Frederik Falbe-Hansen explains:
"Soccer enthusiasts want to feel the atmosphere from each match and know about all events - as they happen".

With the connection bandwidth increasing, the technology improving and the Internet starting to substitute TV, it is only natural that soccer fans expect football sites to move beyond providing simple livescores. As with all sports, football fans want to be entertained...'s GameCenter service consists of:
Instant football live scores
Minute-by-minute live commentary from the game.
Lineups and substitutions.
Live game stats such as shots on goal, corners, ball possession etc.
Individual player stats detailing player performance (shots on goal, fouls etc.)

Football fans can get the in-depth football live scores for free, and the service is available from all the major European leagues: The Premier League, La Liga, 1st Bundesliga, Serie A, Champions League and the UEFA Cup to name the biggest. Beyond the in-depth coverage provided from each match, has recently added odds comparison and live video highlights to their site to supplement the basic livescore feature.

These new innovative features all add up in giving football fans and gamblers an eye on the game - with the feel of the turf - as the game is played. And as football fans are saying:

"If you cannot be in the stadium the next best thing is feeling like you're there".

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