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** Market research has been given an edge in the e-community as Tonic Software’s Web Applications Management solution is adapted for use as an
‘Automated Mystery Shopping’ service**

Tonic Software - the leading provider of innovative Web Applications Management (WAM) services - has supplied the software to create an invaluable new market research tool for e-businesses in the form of the ‘Automated Mystery Shopper’ (AMS). Recognising the growing need for automated online research and analysis tools, Tonic has licensed its software to Spain’s largest online market research organisation, Sigma Dos interactiva (SDi), who will use Tonic to simulate the mystery shopping techniques currently employed by banks and other distribution chains, allowing data that previously took hundreds of participants many days to gather and analyse, to be obtained and processed in the space of a few hours.

Sigma Dos interactiva’s AMS service uses Tonic to traverse business-critical websites, imitating real-time customers from remote locations and passing through all possible transactions or links that can be made on a site. Tonic can send millions of concurrent users to a website and evaluate the quality, reliability and scalability of the service, analysing data quantitatively and establishing benchmarks.

Designed to analyse the performance of websites and determine the online customer experience, Tonic Software can be used by market researchers for a more holistic approach to online research, providing data that evaluates the market potential of concepts, products and business ideas, whilst measuring client satisfaction and recommending strategic improvements. A solution like AMS can also identify market positions and niches, evaluate advertising concepts, identifying attitudes and behaviour towards products and online services.

Daniela Jouet, Managing Director, Sigma Dos interactiva, comments, “Tonic’s software has been the integral element in developing the Automated Mystery Shopper service, which will help our clients identify the strengths and weaknesses of their web sites. Combined with a visitor/client satisfaction study, we can provide clear recommendations to improve the visitor-to-client conversion ratio. This development also allows e-businesses to manage the quality of their sites in real time.”

Tony Budd, General Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Tonic Software, enthused, “Our Agreement with SDi provides us with an opportunity to address the new market sector of market research. By partnering with the recognised market leader for market research in Spain, we can provide a service to organisations that breaks new ground in online research and allows Tonic to reach an entirely new audience.”

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