NeuroChain Tech and FIMAT Fintech officially launch strategic partnership

Mr. Bruno DELAHAYE – Founding Partner & CMO NeuroChain Tech
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NeuroChain Tech and FIMAT Fintech officially launch strategic partnership When Finance and Tech converge to create the future of Blockchain Financing

Paris, FRANCE– NeuroChain Tech and FIMAT officially team up to realize a major milestone for the finance industry: integrating an augmented blockchain ecosystem into a platform to secure and increase the transparency of financial transactions. FIMAT and NeuroChain Tech – the next generation of blockchain – will work together to build this platform. Such a partnership between the tech and the finance industry could result in accelerating innovation while saving considerable amounts of time, energy and costs.

One major issue for the financial industry is indeed the lack of efficiency. It comes as the result of data duplication during transactions, which then creates the need for reconciliation processes. Resolving these inefficiencies is a mission taken on by FIMAT, a Fintech startup specialized in blockchain financing. So far, blockchain technology has been perceived as a crucial tool for the finance industry to increase the traceability and transparency of financial transactions, through a transparent and non-alterable public record. Until now, the finance industry has embraced private blockchain – which is a step in the right direction, but still fails to deliver the full potential of blockchain technology. On the other side, current public blockchains such as Bitcoin’s or Ethereum have begun to disrupt finance. However, they are not suitable for all business applications.

NeuroChain Tech may be that game-changer for the finance industry: AI-powered bots render the technology much faster, more agile and less energy-consuming. Intelligent bots and machine learning algorithms combined with a blockchain structure enable the system to learn by itself and update automatically. That design will dramatically increase the efficiency and speed of financial transactions.

Having all financial transactions recorded on a public ledger is also critical for the transparency, traceability and efficiency of financial operations. As NeuroChain Tech CEO Frédéric Goujon puts it: “NeuroChain will be public. It is designed to be a public blockchain.”

This new generation blockchain can fundamentally change the way finance works. So far, NeuroChain Tech is the only blockchain designed to be totally secure and transparent. AI- powered bots build the highly adaptable, dynamic structure the world needs right now.

About NeuroChain:

Based in Paris, France (EU), the NeuroChain project unites experts in their fields – Blockchain, distributed systems, machine learning, big data, security, marketing,… – from many nationalities, around a common goal: to make the world a better place by leveraging the power of NeuroChain. Two core members of the NeuroChain team wrote the first extensive French language book on Blockchain back in 2016.

NeuroChain relies on cutting-edge innovations in consensus, communication, analysis, distributed abstraction and security.

NeuroChain is designed to be very flexible, allowing for a swift implementation of technological innovations. A NeuroChain prototype is already up and running on GitHub.

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Mr. Bruno DELAHAYE – Founding Partner & CMO NeuroChain Tech
Telephone: +33787192776