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How is granite paving is so versatile?

Granite paving

If you’ve ever been on a recent trip to a modern town or city centre and marvelled at the beautifully patterned and well organized pedestrian walkways then the chances are that you have already seen granite paving close to its very best!

For many people, granite paving has become the material of choice as a superior flooring product with its superb durability and outstanding look of timeless elegance. Whether you are looking for a hard wearing surface for a contemporary garden patio, a practical material for a visually impressive and highly functional driveway or a traditionally rustic terrazzo alternative for the surroundings of a commercial property or government owned building such as a hospital, nursing home or library, granite paving offers complete versatility at a price which is difficult to beat.

London Stone is a leading supplier of bespoke paving products and they have been in the business of providing nationally sourced granite flooring solutions for a number of years. Their repeat customers include residential homeowners and commercial property developers in search of an elegant yet practical choice of stone flooring for both internal and exterior purposes which is guaranteed to stand the test of time whilst also retaining an attractive appearance throughout the years ahead.

There are many different types of granite paving currently available for direct online purchase on the London Stone website which have been carefully selected from a distinct choice of UK quarries and overseas suppliers that are renowned for the stunning quality of their merchandise. The raw materials are first of all cut to size using diamond tipped saws and then treated accordingly using various techniques depending on the final choice of application and preferred finish.

Popular product lines which are currently available include exceptionally stylish Sawn Black Basalt flooring options featuring flame textured sawn edges and a non-slip surface, through to highly affordable, UK sourced silver granite paving stones and low maintenance natural granite sets starting from just 49 pence each!

“As one of the most respected names in the business, it is our aim to provide our customers with the most reliable expert advice and the highest quality products at the best possible prices with regards to any specific purpose that they may have in mind,” explained co-founder Gavin Walley, before further adding, “For example, if you are looking for a material that is affordably priced yet exceptionally stylish then one of the most exciting options is that of our Blue Grey Granite Paving which is available from as little as £27 per square metre and looks incredibly beautiful wherever it is placed – and particularly beautiful when used in conjunction with a contemporary lighting system at night!”

About the company:

London Stone is a reputable supplier of granite paving and other stone flooring solutions which are available at low prices and suitable for the most demanding applications. Their vast expertise in terms of sourcing the most appropriate raw materials for a given project at the most competitive prices ensures that you will always get the best quality products without ever going over budget.
The current choice of granite paving options can be viewed here:

For quotes and further information, please call Duncan Walley on 01753 212 950, or send an email to: