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For years, medically proven allergy sufferers have had to learn to live with severely restricted diets, and now more than 40% of seemingly ‘healthy’ women are doing the same as they follow detox/elimination diets to lose weight. Self-diagnosis of food allergies and intolerances is now a very popular trend among women, according to a survey carried out by Medix UK Plc on behalf of the Grain Information Service. It noticed that women start by adhering to diets advocated by pop stars, which involve cutting out certain types of food, particularly wheat, because they believe they are either intolerant or allergic to them.

Indeed many women found that their quality of life improved dramatically by cutting out wheat and dairy products.

But like true allergy sufferers, these women are desperately searching for suitable ‘naughty but nice’ treats that they can enjoy without being saddled with too much guilt and as a direct result, Mrs Crimbles, the well-known...

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