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Millions of people are suffering from the China’s worst quake in three decades, including those who are badly injured, those who lost family and those made homeless.

To help raise more funds to the Chinese Earthquake Appeal, Lustrous Jewellery, the biggest pearl jewellery brand in the UK market, has launched their exclusive ‘Have A Heart!’ collection whose 40% of each sale will be donated to Chinese Earthquake Appeal to help the victims of China Earthquake.

In other words, with every purchase made you will give some help for those earthquake victims, i.e. providing more medical support for the injured or more food for homeless so lend a hand and a heart.

Lustrous ‘Have A Heart!’ collection, including seven exclusively designed pieces featuring lustrous cultured pearls, gemstones and different heart pendants ranging from mother of pearl , rose quartz, Venetian Glass and
exquisite hand-woven pearl hearts.


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