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World's First Beauty Chocolate Coming to the US


ESTHECHOC, the first world Beauty Chocolate was launched in Europe in March, and this month on 14 April it will be presented to US industry and professionals at the American Food Technology & Innovation Summit in Chicago.

From Aztec times this is the first chocolate innovation to use three pioneering technologies to create a new compact and powerful health and beauty supporting product -

The first technology was developed to protect cocoa anti-inflammatory flavanols within chocolate crystals. As a result of this fewer of these molecules are exposed to stomach oxidation and its damage, and consequently get more absorbed in an active health beneficial form. The achieved efficacy of 7.5g of ESTHECHOC is similar to 100g of the same, but not enhanced, dark chocolate.

The second innovation is the ‘Cambridge Pass’ – a unique Protocol which allows monitoring, quantifying and assessing the quality of chocolate crystals and the level of their protection. This technology is essential to guarantee the superior clinical performance and reproducibility of every manufactured batch of this product.

The third technology was to create compatibility of new molecules introduced into the dark chocolate matrix. The specifics of this matrix are that it has an acidic pH and is rich in enzymes. Both of these factors are the result of cocoa fermentation, the process which is essential for production of the chocolate flavour, taste and other properties.

A simple blending in of “foreign” antioxidants, polyphenols, proteins and other health beneficial molecules would result in their eventual oxidation and decomposition. Hence it was necessary to develop a technology which would prevent the breaking-down of new introduced actives in the aggressive matrix of the dark chocolate.

This resulted in the successful blending and stabilisation into this matrix of astaxanthin, one of the most powerful antioxidants from algae.
In addition, to guarantee stability of the active ingredients of ESTHECHOC, each of its individual pieces are packed in airtight foil.

The compact size of ESTHECHOC provided high compliance in volunteers, on a level which was not possible to achieve in studies when the power of 100g or even 50g of dark chocolate were needed.
Hence the creation of ESTHECHOC opened opportunities for a new level of clinical studies and applications.

Clinical validation in double-blind trials on 50-60 year old persons demonstrated that a daily intake of one piece of this product started to show from week 3 significant inhibition of age-associated blood markers of sub-clinical inflammatory and oxidative damage.

These positive changes were accompanied by improvement in microcirculation and boosting in the ability of peripheral tissues, including skin and skin foundation, to take in and utilise oxygen.
None of these changes were observed in the control groups, which were taking either the same size of the same, but not enhanced, dark chocolate, or the same dose of astaxanthin alone.

ESTHECHOC has been developed by the Cambridge based company Lycotec – - and its commercialisation is driven by its spin off company, Cambridge Chocolate Technologies -

Dr Ivan Petyaev, the inventor and the director of Lycotec, whose research originated from Cambridge University, is going to introduce its company technologies and the first Beauty Chocolate to the American Food Technology and Innovation Summit in Chicago.

Dr Marek Orlowski, the Chairman of the Board of Cambridge Chocolate Technologies stated that he is delighted that the world’s first Beauty Chocolate ESTHECHOC after its successful launch in Europe is now going to be presented to US industry pioneers.

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