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Comté cheese, from the Massif du Jura, is renowned for the sheer number of complex flavours that you can encounter when enjoying every mouthful. No less than 83 natural flavours can be grouped into six distinct and aromatic families: milk, fruit, roasted, plant, animal and spice. And you can be sure to find a food pairing or palate pleasing wine that breaks from the norm to accompany all types of Comté.

The Massif du Jura region is celebrated for its quality produce and the artisan processes by which they are made. This makes charcuterie from this Massif the perfect accompaniment for Comté cheese. Moreover, Comté and charcuterie is also a historical pairing. Cheese was made to preserve milk and as a pressed cooked cheese, a 40 kilos Comté wheel could keep for months and feed a family throughout a harsh winter. Similarly, smoked charcuterie was a means of preserving meat for longer. This historical and regional pairing doesn’t end with Comté and Massif du Jura region...

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