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airSOUND® the latest British sound technology found only in orbitsound’s range of products this Christmas

No more hot-spots – no more hot ears – the future of stereo music has arrived. airSOUND® offers real stereo sound from single speaker enclosures. The latest sound technology to come out of Britain since Alan Blumlein filed his stereo patent in 1931 is exclusively available in orbitsound’s range of affordable products. Created by Ted Fletcher airSOUND® is a revolutionary single point stereo technology that delivers true stereo sound from a single speaker – filling the room and your head.

T3 – perfect for movers and players

The orbitsound T3 is an entirely new product concept, made possible by the development of airSOUND® single-point-stereo. Weighing only 115g the T3 is a portable stereo speaker system that plugs into your device (iPod, music phone, media player, PSP®).

Not only do headphones ruin your hair, there’s also...

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