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Fiitbal was independently analysed by well-respected senior lecturer in Physical Education Sophy Bassett. On behalf of the Innovation bridge & Enterprise Services Sophy Bassett was appointed to represent the University of Bedfordshire and gave clear positive support to the new game.

The study was carried out using current student PE teachers who were in year 3 BA Physical Education. They were used in practical assessment followed by classroom study with recorded feedback.

Sophy quoted “Fiitball offers an accessible ‘Hybrid’ invasion game, where the generic principles of this genre of game are applicable – namely, scoring, possession and progression (Hopper 1998). It was recognised that these generics transfer well into Fiitball and participants could apply both understanding and skills into the game from other games of a similar nature in order to achieve a degree of success. As a result, Fiitball was seen as an inclusive game form, one which the...

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