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Parents brace themselves for Christmas

The growing popularity of smile beauty procedures saw cosmetic dentistry sales rise by 76% between 2006 and 2008

Children might dread them, but more and more adults are choosing braces to fix their wonky smiles, according to leading prosthodontist, Dr Farid Monibi.

The growing popularity of smile beauty procedures saw cosmetic dentistry sales rise by 76% between 2006 and 2008. Despite the economic downturn, the industry continues to grow and Britons now spend around £350million a year on treatments with many parents seeking treatment at the same time as their children.

The number of Britons who opted for braces to fix their crooked gnashers was up by 345% to 1,164 in 2007, according to the latest research figures.

Dr Monibi, principal specialist at Central London dental practice 76 Harley Street said he had seen an increase in adults booking brace fittings in the run up to Christmas.

“Husbands are buying their wives braces for Christmas and vice versa. We have even had one teenager arrange for her Mother to be fitted with them as a Christmas present. I think people are increasingly recognising the gift of the perfect smile. Our teeth our central to the way we feel about ourselves – they determine how much we smile and how others see us.”

“Parents are seeing the benefits braces are bringing their children, and are asking themselves why they aren’t doing it as well. A beautiful smile is good for everyone’s self confidence, young or old.”

Research from the industry’s governing body, the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, found that a third (32%) of the population were ‘concerned by the look of their teeth’ whilst only one in five (20%) would always smile in photographs. Over a quarter (27%) of the population believes that cosmetic dentistry could improve their quality of life.

Dr Monibi specialises in minimal intervention and reconstructive dentistry to improve smiles by working with the mouth’s existing attributes.

“We believe in not only designing beautiful teeth uniquely tailored to the individual, but also promoting oral health and protecting the natural state of the mouth,” said Dr Monibi.

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Note to editors:

76 Harley Street is recognized as the centre of excellence for cosmetic dentistry in Central London. It employs the latest computer imaging and laser technology to make the world's best cosmetic dental solutions locally available. The practice is led by Farid Monibi, a specialist prosthodontist whose fields of expertise are dental implantology, and minimal intervention cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.

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