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Press Trip to Tallinn

We are looking to take a journalist on a press trip to Tallinn, Estonia during the 8th – 10th February.

Spotlighting this emerging destination, we can facilitate a trip that looks at whatever you feel most relevant to your readers e.g. restaurants to visit, architecture to explore, activities for couples, those travelling alone or with their family. The trip is part of a bigger campaign to inspire people not to compromise on their holiday choices; instead embracing trips that excite them particularly looking at three key areas:
• A-B trips
• Emerging Cities
• Long Haul holidays

If you are a freelancer please let us know who you freelance for and where, realistically, you can place the piece.

If this is of interest please contact Gabby Crawford on: or 02031288598

For additional information regarding itinerary, hotels, restaurants etc please email