MIL Equity Partners, L.P. Launches Bulgaria Real Estate Limited Partnership Fund

MIL Equity Partners, L.P. Launches Bulgaria Real Estate Limited Partnership Fund

London, 15 March
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BOSTON, March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- MIL Equity Partners, L.P. ("MEP"), a Delaware Limited Partnership was launched for the purpose of acquisition, leasing, ownership, managing and operation of commercial and residential real estate in emerging European countries, primarily in Bulgaria.

"MEP is our first Bulgaria real estate fund, and it was formed to meet the needs of real estate investors around the world interested in opportunities in emerging European markets and seeking real estate yields above average," said Michael Perlas, Chief Financial Officer. "Property prices in Bulgaria increased an average of 20% in 2003, and 25% in 2004 with higher escalation along the coastal areas. We believe, now is the perfect time to invest in Bulgarian real estate -- EU (European Union) Membership is expected in 2007; Bulgaria joined NATO in 2004; US Troops are ready to be deployed from Germany to NATO's five new military bases in Bulgaria; Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Bulgaria reached 1 billion USD by the end of 2004; in 2005, the US-German investment fund 'Tishman-Lindner' is expected to invest over 50 million Euros to build business centers in Sofia, Bulgaria," stated Mr. Perlas.

For further information, please visit and/or contact Investor Relations at +1-617-228-5713 or +1-857-891-6664.

About MIL Equity Partners, L.P.

MIL Equity Partners, L.P., operates in the commercial and residential real estate industry with prime objective targeting emerging European countries. The Partnership intends to purchase properties in Bulgaria in the second half of 2005. Earlier this month MEP launched its website,

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