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Jagvinder Singh Kang, Mills & Reeve

Jagvinder Singh Kang, a leading specialist technology and data protection lawyer, as well as the International Head of IT Law at pre-eminent law firm, Mills & Reeve, warns that unhelpful criticism of the upcoming NHSX Contact Tracing App by privacy advocates, could cost lives and plunge the UK into continuous lockdown.

With less than a week to go until the Government’s launch of its contact tracing operation with over 25,000 contact tracers, Kang believes that such manual contact tracing alone is unlikely to be sufficient to curb the virus. He strongly believes that an automated solution is required, hence the need for the NHSX app.

Kang provides a simple example to illustrate the deficiencies of a purely manual process. He draws upon the scenario of trying to determine who may be infected by a carrier of the virus, who is travelling in a carriage on the London Tube. Not only is that carrier putting others at risk, but so is everyone that has been in...

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