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Economic Confidence Returns Reports Leading Commercial Model Agency MOT

MOT Models Agency

The blue chip brands are leading the way, knowing that whatever the economic outcome, they need to promote and engage with the public

Advertising Client Campaign Value up 14 per cent in Q1 2013

The model agency industry is an accurate bellwether for the economy because model agents’ business is entirely dependent on the advertising industry. In turn, advertising expenditure is linked to the economic confidence of the UK’s largest businesses. Model agents are also one of the first to know precisely what media advertising is being booked by advertisers seeking models and actors to appear in creative campaigns.

As London based MOT Models is a leading international commercial agency, they have a unique insight into who is booking what advertising campaigns from TV commercials to press, catalogues, point of sale, outdoor and digital.

The company Managing Director Mike Illes measures requests for models to attend castings, the number of bookings and the value of the model agency’s booking fees overall.

He said, “The good news is that in Q1 2013 the average value of each booking rose by 14 per cent compared to Q1 2012 because the larger advertisers have committed to bigger campaigns than last year.

“The blue chip brands are leading the way, knowing that whatever the economic outcome, they need to promote and engage with the public. This pattern is a precursor to a continuing growth in business activity and revenues over the coming months.”

It is noted that the total number of client enquiries in Q1 is down by 5 per cent compared to Q1 2012. Also, clients in the creative advertising sector are being more discerning about who they see, with the model agency sending 20 per cent fewer people to castings than the same period a year ago.

Mike Illes added “Without doubt, it is the bigger spending advertisers who are re-entering the adverting market first. Many of the smaller spenders will follow as confidence returns. This information can be interpreted very positively and I can see our business growing by up to 20 per cent overall this year.

“There is one very important proviso. The past few years have been full of false starts where the industry’s confidence has been rapidly undermined. During recession, sentiment can change very suddenly and last year’s Euro crisis put a dampener on what should have been a bumper Olympic year.”

MOT Models, established in 1985, has always been an accurate indicator of the national economy. It is one of Europe’s few truly commercial model agencies, supplying models for leading retailers and anything from luxury to household brands.

Mike Illes said, “The hiring of models is right at the beginning of the expenditure process in producing creative advertising. Tracking activity in this area provides a good guide to the health of the industry and business in general. Reading the signs has ensured that we anticipate issues well before they happen.
“As soon as confidence increases, companies want to advertise but as confidence decreases, it becomes one of the first budgeted items to be cut.”


For further information, please contact Tina Fotherby at Famous Publicity on 07703 409 622 or email or Mike Illes at MOT Models on 01442 863 918.

Mike Illes ( is available for interviews.

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MOT Models has a head office in Berkhamsted and a sister agency, called Zone Models in London’s Covent Garden.