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Vent-Axia’s Centra™ Joins the Quiet Revolution

People don’t use their household extractor fans because they are generally irritatingly noisy, so the Vent-Axia Centra will come as peaceful relief

Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Centra™ has been awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society (NAS) and also features in the Ideal Home Show’s Quiet Mark ‘Quiet House’ (15th March – 1st April 2013 at London’s Earls Court). An exceptionally quiet fan with sound levels as low as 10dB(A) the discreet Centra has tasteful styling and the versatility to be used in kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and utility rooms.

A mark of approval awarded by the NAS, the Quiet Mark is given World-Wide to manufacturers of the quietest products on the market and is validated by the UK’s Association of Noise Consultants. The initiative’s objective is to reduce noise and so achieve a healthier stress-free living and working environment. The Quiet Mark award enables consumers and specifiers to easily select quieter products via the online Quiet Mark Directory During this year’s Ideal Home Show visitors will also be able to view a stunning showcase of Quiet Mark awarded products within the new inspirational Quiet House.

“At Vent-Axia we are delighted the Centra has been awarded the Quiet Mark. Today with many of us leading busy lives it is more important than ever before to be able to relax in comfort and to have a good night’s sleep. Switching off a noisy extract fan is not the answer since this can result in mould growth and poor indoor air quality which can lead to building damage and health issues. The Centra puts an end to the issue of noisy household extract fans once and for all,” said Jenny Smith, Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia.

A Decentralised Mechanical Ventilation unit (dMEV), the Centra’s exceedingly low sound levels are achieved through its continuous running trickle ventilation which overcomes the problem of obtrusive bathroom fans, allowing households to relax in comfort free from noise-related stress. A survey commissioned by Vent-Axia showed that over 40% of people said that they or their children have been woken in the night by a noisy bathroom fan. This noise can lead to households turning off their extract fans. But with condensation remaining a major problem in many homes turning off a bathroom fan can result in damage to the fabric of the properties, mould growth and poor air quality.

Poppy Elliott, Managing Director of Quiet Mark said: “People don’t use their household extractor fans because they are generally irritatingly noisy, so the Vent-Axia Centra will come as peaceful relief, deserving its validated Quiet Mark.”
Capable of achieving up to 90% energy savings, the Centra not only offers literal peace and quiet for households but also peace of mind that energy bills won’t hit the roof! Ideal for retrofitting, the Centra provides a near silent dMEV solution with the lowest specific fan power in its class, complying fully with Building Regulations Part F for continuous mechanical extract ventilation (System 3).

Designed to operate as a continuous running axial fan, the Centra offers trickle ventilation but comprises a boost feature which can be utilised as necessary based on specific room requirements. Adjustable ‘Normal’ running speeds make it suitable for continuous extract in kitchens, bathrooms, en-suites and utility rooms.

The Centra fits discreetly in modern homes and is simple to install. It provides an easy and effective form of ventilation and is fitted with 100mm spigots, common to traditional intermittent extract fan. A switched Live input allows the fan to be boosted by a range of Vent-Axia’s switchers and sensors, or a single light switch.

Centra is part of Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon™ collection. The aim of the Lo-Carbon initiative is to offer the latest low carbon ventilation technology in order to reduce building energy consumption and so carbon emissions. For further information on all products and services offered by Vent-Axia telephone 0844 856 0590 or visit


Editor Notes

• The Centra features within the kitchen at this year’s Quiet House at the Ideal Home Show ( This next generation dream-house, has been pioneered by Quiet Mark and developed in partnership with award winning Gregory Phillips Architects, interior designer Martin Hulbert, soundscape feature artist Martyn Ware and with lighting by Andrew Orange.

• Visitors to the inspirational Quiet House will be able to experience the visually stunning showcase of brilliant Quiet Mark awarded products, technology and state-of-the art sound systems for every living space for your home and garden. This will help consumers make more informed choices about the technology we buy and share our homes with and help reduce unwanted neighbour noise, empowering us all to re-tune the sounds around us and de-stress our personal space.

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