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Vent-Axia Joins Dwelle’s Sustainable Micro Buildings at Grand Designs

we selected Vent-Axia’s Sentinel Kinetic MVHR for the buildings because of the system’s high efficiency, controllability and summer bypass

Leading Sussex-based fan manufacturer Vent-Axia is delighted to showcase its Sentinel Kinetic MVHR within a Dwelle Micro Building at Grand Designs Live (4-12 May 2013, Excel, London). This year, Dwelle, the Manchester-based architects are presenting a brand new range of micro buildings ‘’, ‘little’ and ‘mobile’. To launch the range Dwelle’s stand will feature a scaled-down slice through one of their timber framed structures, showing all of the components that create a, including Vent-Axia’s Sentinel Kinetic MVHR.

The micro buildings exhibit will run alongside the Grand Theatre, Kevin’s Man Made Home and George Clarke’s tree tent in the Grand Village at Grand Designs. This range of micro buildings came about when Dwelle investigated an alternative solution to create small dwellings that could easily be adapted to suit a wide variety of uses, partly due to the high cost and limited options available in British housing.

Dwelle has therefore created a range of carefully designed micro buildings that are highly sustainable, fast to erect and extremely adaptable. Its award winning "dwelle.ings" can achieve zero carbon status, potentially meet Passivhaus standards and if extended or doubled-up (which can be done at a later date), will meet Lifetime Homes Standards. The simplicity of the system will support different internal configurations and will allow it to be easily extended. It can be a small one bedroom home, a family home, a holiday home, an office, a classroom, a gym, or even a church.

Ric Frankland, director at Dwelle said: “We are excited to be showcasing our new range of micro buildings at Grand Designs. The micro buildings have been designed to be highly sustainable. As such we selected Vent-Axia’s Sentinel Kinetic MVHR for the buildings because of the system’s high efficiency, controllability and summer bypass – all essential in thermally efficient modern homes. A British made MVHR unit the system also has a reduced embodied energy.”

“At Vent-Axia we are delighted our Sentinel Kinetic features in Dwelle’s new range of micro buildings. With the current high cost and shortage of British housing the new range of ‘’ offers house buyers highly sustainable and affordable homes offering a blueprint for future house building.” said Jenny Smith, Marketing Services Manager at Vent-Axia.

Manufactured in the UK, the flexible Sentinel Kinetic is a whole house heat recovery system. This SAP Appendix Q range combines supply and extract ventilation in one unit. Warm, moist air is extracted from ‘wet’ rooms through ducting and passed through the heat exchanger before being exhausted outside. Fresh filtered incoming air is preheated via the integral heat exchanger which recovers up to 88% of the heat energy that would otherwise be wasted. The unit’s energy saving Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon EC DC fans further improve efficiency and carbon reductions.

In addition, heat recovery ventilation reduces excessive moisture in the air, combating condensation and subsequent mould growth, saving money on maintenance and decoration in the long and short-term. Home owners are further aided through better indoor air quality which has the duel health benefits of reducing microscopic fungal growth and eliminating the conditions in which house dust mites thrive, both of which are linked to allergic reactions and asthma.

Vent-Axia’s Sentinel Kinetic also features in Dwelle’s showroom building in Manchester. The showroom is open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays 10am to 2pm or by appointment. It is also a Centre for Carbon Literacy, offering a range of workshops. More information on this demonstration project can be found at:

For further information on all products and services offered by Vent-Axia telephone 0844 856 0590 or visit


Notes for Editors
Dwelle is located in the Grand Village, a main highlight of Grand Designs Live. The Grand Village consists of eco show homes and is everything that Grand Designs stands for; unique architecture, innovation and environmental awareness. Pioneering house builders have been invited to the show to erect their modular homes in just three days before the show opens to visitors to allow them to explore them.

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