Skip nav releases official app on iTunes.

One of the UK's leading mobile slot sites,, has released an eagerly anticipated official application on iTunes that is available for download on all Apple devices. The app gives users unrestricted access to the full range of Mad about slots games including the recently launched ‘Money Beach’.

Since launching in 2012 has gathered quite some pace and gained many plaudits in the gaming industry. The gaming company has set about building the broadest range of slots games available to play on the net and continues to release well-received games. The latest, ‘Money Beach ’ is a high profile release from gaming giant Probability. The release brings the total number of playable games on the site to 23 with a varied range of classical casino games and more recently full HD themed slots games. All of the games give players full autonomy over wager size as they decide how many lines they would like to bet on with the opportunity to bet as little as 0.01 GBP per line and as much as 1.00 GBP per line. Jackpots have been known to escalate rapidly beyond 10,000 GBP, a sum big enough to start working on an app of your own!

Previously the online gaming portal had only been available to play on the Internet via smart-phones and tablet devices.

Danielle Burke, Affiliate Manager at said:

“I believe that apps can sometimes be a step up from playing online – smart-phone applications are a fantastic way to use, logging in is much quicker, in play is often smoother too. Considering the success of the iTunes application it is likely that we will consider producing applications that are available on other devices.”

To download the application search ‘Madabout slots mobile casino’ in the iTunes app store and to claim your 5 GBP free credit and to keep up to date with all things slots visit for more information.

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