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The Madano Partnership has published “Brand New Me”, the last in its series of four reports delving into the changing communications landscape.

Following on from “Collaboration and Connection is the new Competitiveness”, “The Certainty of Uncertainty” and “Going Against the Grain”, trend four differs from the previous three, concentrating on the impact that the main protagonists of change, Generation Y, will continue to have on business communications, rather than looking at the shifting operating landscape.

Madano, a strategic communications consultancy has analysed the trends, theories and observations surrounding those 16-32 year olds, also known as Millennials and Echo Boomers, the influence they exert, what they value and why, and how business will increasingly need to adapt to them, not the other way round.

“We know that most of our clients now have to communicate with Gen Y, whether they are employees or customers,” says Ruth...

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