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- LDAP supporting technology based on latest X.500 standards -

June 5, 1998 -- NEXOR, an industry leader in electronic messaging and directory technology, is launching a
major upgrade to its open directory product, Messageware Directory. Incorporating an object-orientated
database that supports over 20 million entries and an unlimited number of concurrent users, NEXOR's new
Messageware Directory 3.1 delivers unprecedented levels of performance, reliability and scalability. It is
believed to be the first directory to support the internationally agreed X.500 (97) standard, and also
provides support for the LDAP and proposed LDIF (Lightweight Directory Interchange Format) Internet standard.

Designed to provide a millennium compliant directory system for mission critical application environments such
as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) backbones, routing systems and e-commerce backbones, Messageware...

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