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Is Prince Harry The Ultimate Welly Wanger?

Welly Wanger on Tour iPhone app

Fun and addictive iPhone game, fast paced, best bits of Angry Birds & Temple Run

Prince Harry was exposed nude having fun in Las Vegas last week while playing strip billiards, reportedly with photos taken on an iPhone.

He could have had fun playing the new iPhone game Welly Wanger World Tour

Play this new free iPhone game to see if you are The Ultimate Wanger?

Welly Wanger World Tour
a brand new free throwing and tossing iPhone, iPod and iPad game that brings the popular sport of Welly Wanging to the iPhone for the very first time.

Welly Wanging is the popular sport of throwing wellington boots and gumboots as far as you can.

Fun and addictive iPhone game, fast paced, best bits of Angry Birds & Temple Run

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Do you have the skill and speed to beat all the country record holders to become The Ultimate Wanger?

Wang (throw) the multicoloured wellies and gumboots over 6 famous landmarks, including the Great Wall of China, The Taj Mahal in India, Syndey Oprah House in Australia, The Pyramids in Egypt, The Statue of Liberty in USA and over Tower Bridge and Big Ben in London.

Beat the country champion to progress to the next level. Collect the Welly Wonga coins in the sky to upgrade to more powerful and faster wellies.

This fast paced, fun and addictive iphone game is free with the option to purchase more wellies from the Locker Room that go further and collect more Welly Wonga coins.

Bought to you by Wanger Games and One Result Limited
Available to download for free in the Apple App store now.

For more information please contact Neil Westwood or 00441905451552