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Yorkshire Clean Up Mission. Future Cleaning Services invest £33,000 into new equipment to tackle graffiti & litter problems across the region

Future cleaning Services

Future Cleaning Services continues its mission to keep the streets of Yorkshire free from graffiti, chewing gum and old posters. The undertaking has been made possible following the introduction of a new state of the art jet washer, otherwise known as the Aquila TD352.

The Aquila TD352 is a Jet wash cleaner that costs over £33,000. It’s been put into action by Future Cleaning Services based in York, the Jet Wash company responsible for exterior and street cleaning services across Yorkshire and the UK.

The Jet Washing machine is a self-contained vehicle mounted system which is specifically designed to dissolve chewing gum from concrete and pavements as well as removing all traces of graffiti throughout the county.

This new machine will ensure Future Cleaning Services, can continue to improve the cleanliness of Yorkshire and make it a cleaner, happier place to live.

The Aquila TD352 can run at 5000 psi and is without a doubt, the most superior jet washing system of its kind. It has a Kubota D1105 engine with a fuel tank capacity of 80 litres and water tank capacity of 700 litres.

Mr Charles Chisholm, CEO of Future Cleaning Services said: “We’re delighted with this new jet washer. It represents a significant investment for us, but we take the job of keeping Yorkshire neat and tidy very seriously.

“While most residents and visitors to Yorkshire respect the place, our staff sometimes have to deal with some unpleasant things left behind by those who have, perhaps, had too much to drink. The jet washer is fantastic at cleaning that kind of thing up.”

With an impressive jet washer like the Aquila TD352, the commercial cleaning company can ensure the counties overall cleanliness continues to improve. The machine includes a heat exchanger with a spray gun and lance, a 50m water hose. Extra equipment is factory mounted and provides the opportunity to expand and improve the system further with additional features such as an anti-freeze system, chemical dosing system and an automatic throttle control system (ATC).

In addition to cleaning chewing gum and removing graffiti, Future Cleaning Services also offers a range of other commercial cleaning, office cleaning, daily cleaning, road sweeper hire, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and jet washing services including pavement cleaning, external building cleaning, across the whole UK.

If you would like to find out more about Future Cleaning Services and their mission to clean up the streets of Yorkshire, visit their company website at for more information, or get in touch by calling 0844 225 1115.