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New Series Starts Wednesday 9pm.

Mannakin Ltd has supplied mannequins for the new series of Trinny & Susannah Undress the Nation. Roz Mita, Director of Mannakin Ltd says, “It is great to see our mannequins on such a popular show. The mannequins are really getting about this year, attending celebrity dress auctions in London and featuring on an album cover, as well as appearing in the first and final episodes of Trinny & Susannah Undress the Nation. It is not all about shop windows!”

Mannakin offers a range of models for sale and hire, for parties, photo shoots and events as well as retail use. Unusually, the business also has a mannequin liquidation and recycling service, to help remedy the issue of mannequin dumping in landfill. With mannequins named after characters like John Barrowman's Captain Jack or famous names including Mr Humphries, plus a ‘casualty’ range of reconstructed low cost dummies, Mannakin offers a personal and inspired service. Read full release