Sugar and spice and something nice - Introducing ChaiChai

Masala and Chocolate Chai from Chai Chai
Masala and Chocolate Chai from Chai Chai

In Britain, we love our tea. It’s a part of daily life and something most people can’t imagine going without. We could brew a cuppa with our eyes closed, if we wanted to.

But what do you do when you fancy something a little bit…special?

The team at ChaiChai have the answer. When Laura Brook and Arsalan Ahmed discovered their shared love of tea, something unique was brewing from the beginning. Arsalan’s Pakistani heritage made him a lifelong lover of chai, the spiced tea drunk by millions of people across Asia every day. After serving fresh cups of chai to their friends at dinner parties, Laura and Arsalan started to get people hooked on the distinctive flavour of this exotic tea, and a business idea was born.

ChaiChai’s range of teas are hand blended, made from organic, fairtrade Assam black tea and a blend of six spices, lovingly tailored to the Western palate. Laura and Arsalan are dedicated to stepping lightly on the Earth, so their tea is packaged in cardboard from sustainable forests, using as little packing material as possible. And, if that’s not angelic enough for you, ChaiChai tea is also accredited by the Soil Association, with Laura and Arsalan hoping to donate 20p from each pack bought to the Edhi Foundation charity in Pakistan.

Today, the ChaiChai family consists of Masala Chai (the feisty firstborn, if you will), and Chocolate Chai, the innovative new addition. As you’re reading this, Laura and Arsalan are probably busy perfecting their up and coming new flavour – but we won’t spoil the surprise just yet.

Chai takes just a few minutes to make and, rather than just throwing a floppy teabag in a cup of hot water, it’s made on the stove – and it’s worth every second you spend on it. Whether you’re in the mood for something traditional, or want to add a little sweetness to your day, you’ll find everything you want in a luxurious cup of chai.

In short, Tetley’s is for your desk – ChaiChai is for your sofa. So, go on. Add a little spice to your life.

For more information, and to order as much chai as you can handle, check out or contact:

ChaiChai Ltd

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T: 0789 44 65 020

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