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Maple Timber Frame the Preston based Timber Frame manufacturer have announced the launch of their latest invention the SupaRefurb(R) wall panel. SupaRefurb(R) is one of the very few products in the construction market specifically designed for the refurbishment of houses.

Currently there are 1.7 Million houses in the UK in need of refurbishment. This old housing stock needs to be brought up to date to conserve energy and the SupaRefurb panel is a highly insulated panel which has a U value of 0.15 W/m 2K Manufactured in their St Michaels Preston 40,000sq ft factories with a state of the art production line.

The Maple Group will shortly be investing in a further £1.0 Million in a new continous production line to manufacture the panels in high volumes. The panel which is fitted on the inside of an external wall in the rooms of a house can be fitted in less than a day with the minimum of disturbance. This work can be carried out by semi skilled labour or...

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