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IT FACTORY Unveils ITF Tools Suite for Lotus; Comprehensive Team Development Environment for Notes/Domino

New ITF Tools Suite Maximises Productivity on Large Development Projects by Providing an Integrated, Unified Interface for all Phases of Domino Development

Las Vegas, USA (Lotus DevCon), 18 June 2001 — IT FACTORY, Inc., the leading supplier of knowledge technology solutions, today unveiled ITF Tools Suite for Lotus, a comprehensive solution for developing complex Domino applications in a team development environment. The new Suite consists of seven integrated tools that address all phases of the development cycle and enable a team of Notes/Domino developers to work effectively together using a common Domino design element and code library, and a sophisticated version control system. The Suite enhances team development productivity by managing application development, integration, analysis, testing, translation and deployment across the entire team via an integrated interface.

“The ITF Tools Suite is a significant enhancement to the Domino development environment - especially for development teams,” said Ken Bisconti, vice president, worldwide business partner program, Lotus Development Corp. “We expect ITF Tools Suite to have a significant impact on the ease with which Domino applications can be developed and deployed, especially for large enterprise projects.”

ITF Tools Suite for Lotus is an advanced suite of development tools that enable the rapid development of highly structured, integrated and Web-enabled Notes/Domino business applications. The integrated suite of tools enables development teams to build applications upon a uniform set of objects, databases and design methodologies to bring much needed structure to their Notes/Domino application development. This pioneering development technology also enables organisations to build applications that can be easily deployed via the Web, addressing the critical need for collaborative applications that can be accessed via any standard Web browser.

“Lotus Domino is an extremely powerful application platform,” said Henrik Hansen, IT FACTORY’s Executive Vice President, Tools and Architecture. “Our new ITF Tools Suite enables developers to enhance their productivity and work effectively together on large Domino development projects. In addition, we've enabled our tools for development of both ITF-architected and non-ITF applications.”

The core unifying interface of the suite, ITF Development Center for Lotus, manages the creation of a highly efficient resource library, automates the process of assembling applications, and tracks each variant of applications in use across the enterprise. Application objects can then be “pushed” into an application directly, or via self-extracting install executables. Updates can be accomplished centrally, by using the same push technology, or by generating service packs that modify deployed applications. All Domino design elements can be managed using ITF Development Center, including forms, views, agents and scripts. Moreover, styles that modify design elements (such as access control lists and form styles) can also be managed as objects from within the ITF Development Center.

IT FACTORY’s Domino development technology has received widespread industry praise since its introduction in early 1998. IT FACTORY’s ITF Software Development Kit (now called ITF Development Center for Lotus) received the prestigious Lotus Beacon Award for “Best Tool/Utility”, and has won the “Editors’ Choice” Award three years in a row from the highly respected technical publication Lotus Advisor. The editors at Lotus Advisor wrote in their most recent review: “IT Factory’s Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a technically unparalleled Domino development architecture. The SDK provides an innovative and unique “object-oriented” approach to Domino database development, letting an entire enterprise standardise on unified development architecture, standards, and user interface.” The review concluded, “…the SDK will prove to be an incredibly valuable asset to your organisation.”

ITF Tools Suite for Lotus is an evolution of IT FACTORY’s award-winning development technology, but can now be used for both ITF-Architected and non-ITF applications. Now, any Domino development team can take advantage of IT FACTORY’s advanced development technology. To deliver the new Tools Suite, IT FACTORY added four new products, enhanced existing software, and fully integrated all of the modules. IT FACTORY’s new development tools are now sold separately from the ITF Architecture, formerly bundled as part of the ITF Software Development Kit.

ITF Tools Suite for Lotus consists of the following development tools:

· ITF Development Center for Lotus - enables teams to create and manage a central design element repository; bank Domino design objects; apply consistent styles to multiple applications; enabling check-in/check-out based on ITF Version Control; and deploy application variants based on ITF Development Center's push technology, and application object tracking capability;

· ITF Version Control - enables developers to lock and check in/out Domino application design elements when working together in a team. With the server software installed, ITF Version Control enables sophisticated roles-based design access and distributed application development -- with remote check-in/out for off-site contractors and local replication and development of new code;

· ITF Form Builder - a sub-form manager and compiler. The software enables developers to rapidly build forms from their library of sub-forms, using easy-to-place markers. Subsequently developers can compile their efforts into static forms to avoid performance problems commonly associated with the use of sub-forms in Domino. The product speeds Domino development, and makes it more reliable and consistent;

· ITF Data Sync - provides developers and administrators with a powerful console to manage, configure and schedule native data connectors for their Domino applications. Custom connectors can be added into the console using the built-in abstraction layer. ITF Data Sync simplifies integration, knowing what configurations are in use - and how import/export events are scheduled;

· ITF Design Reporter - enables developers to analyze the design of one or more Domino applications, and identify standard violations and potential performance issues. View design elements in multiple ways - by origin, by flags, by type, by use and more - to simplify understanding and application and how to optimise performance;

· ITF GWB Enhancer - extends Lotus Global Work Bench by supporting more efficient work across databases and leveraging integration with other ITF Tools. Control multiple databases in Global Work Bench through a single document. Use the software with ITF Form Builder to automatically strip forms and rebuild them subsequent to translation;

· ITF Application Deployment - a powerful extension to ITF Development Center that simplifies instantiation of Domino-based Web applications. It tracks standard and custom design elements in each application instantiation, and enables administrators to push technology-driven application updates to Web application instances. ITF-AD works with LHMS to provide full capabilities for deploying customer applications within an ASP hosting environment or for deploying custom applications to multiple business units or locations within a larger organisation.

ITF Tools Suite for Lotus is sold in two bundling options, with pricing starting at $3,495 per developer. Individual tools can also be purchased separately. Find out more at


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