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London, UK – Adult dating website,, has today reported a massive 110% increase in membership interest following the build up of big screen release of Fifty Shades of Grey. Interest in fantasy-based sex is growing and the Great British public are casting off the uptight sexual attitude they were once infamous for. Many Britons now treat sex as a hobby, and the prudish image they once had is quickly becoming a thing of the past.
The screen adaptation of E.L. James’ novel has caused a stir across the country and sexual curiosity levels are at an all-time high. This has been reflected in the amount of people signing up for online dating sites such as and the trend is expected to continue. UK attitudes are changing and sex is now seen as something to be celebrated and explored rather than criticised and hidden. Sexual embarrassment is dwindling too and people are becoming far more proactive in their search for carnal pleasures. What was...

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