Skip nav Pays Taxi Fares for Londoners - May 17th

Some of the Taxis has agreed to pick up the tab for lucky passengers of a London black cab provider for one night only.

London revellers are in for a free taxi ride home from their nights out this weekend.

The controversial adult dating website has agreed to pick up the tab for lucky passengers of a London black cab provider for one night only.

The website is making the gesture to mark the start of spring, the season for nascent love affairs. It hopes the promise of a free ride home will inject some party spirit into Londoner’s dating lives.

It follows research by the site that found more than 60% of its members having secret affairs in London travel back from late night trysts by taxi. 12% take public transport, 10% drive and a brave 5% go on foot or cycle, suggesting their dalliances are scarily close to home. Another 3% said they took other means. That compares to the national figure outside London, which found that only 35% take taxis home after an evening with their paramour and 45% drive.

Founder of, Paul Graham, said: "If you’re on a date in London, it goes without saying that you take a cab. You probably want a drink and when you’re doing something a bit naughty, you feel the need for extra discreet convenience. We hope that we can give a few couples out on a Friday night date some extra fun for longer in our cabs. Whether they're having a whirlwind affair or they’ve been happily married for 25 years, spring should be the season for passion.”

The scheme will take place on Friday 17th May between the hours of 9pm and 5am. The black cabs taking part will be easy to spot because they will have the red and cream logo on both sides of the vehicle on the doors. A minimum of five cabs will be driving around the capital and it’s a ‘first-flag-first-served’ basis.

For lucky passengers who do manage to get one of the free cabs, they don't have to do anything – the bill will be automatically picked up by the website. They’ll also be given a pass code which will give them discounted membership to the site.

The website has more than 675,000 members in the UK and attracts a staggering 700 new memberships every day. It describes itself as a site for adults who want to meet for more passion.

Graham added: “Not everyone flagging a cab home on a Friday night is having an affair of course. We just want to give a playful wink to anyone who’s thinking of perusing some extra-curricular romantic activities this Friday by waiving their fare so they can prologue their fun.”

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