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Number of frustrated wives seeking post-holiday affairs soar

there has been a 12% rise in new female memberships

The end of the summer holidays has sent a scurry of women looking for flings and affairs, according to controversial dating site,

Since September, which saw the start of school term across the UK, there has been a 12% rise in new female memberships and an increase in online activity of existing female members.

The figures could be explained by recent research which suggested that the summer holidays are the most stressful time of year, particularly for mums. The Mums’ SOS (Summer of Stress) Campaign found that the number of women who described the holidays as ‘fun’ dropped by nearly a third from the beginning of the break to the end, suggesting that general family frustrations could be driving some women to seek excitement away from the marital home.

Another survey by Stowe Family Law found that the summer holidays caused 18% of couples to reassess their relationship due to the stresses of finding activities for kids, financial strains and the annual family break.

Founder of, Paul Graham says it’s no surprise that term-time sees more activity on the site: “We always see a notable shift in activity after half terms and the three big holidays. Data from search engines show lots of searches for some extramarital fun and the set up of female profiles. We can only think that the overload of domesticity and spending too much time with their partner makes them feel less guilty about trying something new. Plus the family holiday abroad is often more stressful than relaxing. When arriving home, some of our new members probably think “I really deserve some fun time for myself.’”

The website styles itself on helping married people and those in long-term relationships explore their passionate side. It is one of the largest so-called adult dating sites with 700,000 members in the UK and attracts 1,000 new members every single day.

While most people associate affairs with badly behaved married men, libidinous women are just as common if not more. A recent study called The Way We Are Now by the relationship charity Relate found that 34 per cent of women admitted to being unfaithful, compared with 32 per cent of men. This year has seen a trend for memoirs by married women confessing to affairs including that of Lucy Dent’s Turned On, in which she confesses about her appetite for finding sex on marital affair websites.

Graham adds: “Modern women have independent adventurous lives with multiple partners before settling down. Most have probably enjoyed online dating when they were single. They are brought up with magazines about sex tips and talk openly to girlfriends about sex so it’s hardly surprising that some struggle to have a monogamous sex life.”

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