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Gartner webcast to explore the benefits of centralized product and service catalog for Communications Service Providers

Tribold and TeleManagement Forum feature alongside Gartner research director

London, 23rd October 2008 – Representatives from Tribold, the TeleManagement Forum and Gartner participate in a brand new webcast which explores the reasons why a centralized product and service catalog is at the top of the Communications Service Provider (CSP) agenda in facing the commercial challenges presented by today’s complex telecommunications industry. Catherine Michel, Chief Technical Officer and Founder of Tribold and Keith Willetts, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the TeleManagement Forum join Martina Kurth, Research Director, Carrier Operations & Strategies from industry analyst Gartner in the webcast, which can be accessed at

Today, CSPs sell dozens of services bundled ad marketed to customers in hundreds of different product configurations. In most cases, however, these are not effectively controlled or managed centrally, leading to significant inefficiencies. The CSPs that will predominate are those which are able to rapidly bring products to market, innovate their product set, respond to customer specific demands and continuously reduce costs in the backoffice. A centralized product and service catalog is essential in meeting these demands.

As part of the webcast, Martina Kurth of Gartner looks at the market for product and service catalog solutions, why they are so important for the evolution of CSPs, the business case for implementing product catalog solutions, how vendors can help carriers speed up product catalog implementations and key advice for CSPs reviewing their product catalog environment.

“Carriers today have a strong need to implement a single product catalog”, said Martina. “This becomes even more crucial as carriers need to increase operational efficiency to be competitive. Moreover they need to prepare for more complex customer-centric services today as well as in the future.” Martina concludes her analysis by saying “A single product catalog plays a significant role for carriers to achieve both business and IT objectives. It will facilitate future product and service requirements that will have an impact on carriers’ future competitiveness”.

Catherine Michel of Tribold offers advice for CSPs embarking on a centralized catalog strategy and Tribold’s own approach and solutions.

“Tribold formed as a company amidst the growing recognition there was something fundamentally deeply wrong with the way communication service providers manage their product and service portfolios” said Catherine. “The CSP industry has long been challenged with long lead times to market, error prone and human intensive processes for introducing even the most minor of changes.” “Tribold’s mission was to address this problem head on.” “As such, for the past five years, we’ve been defining, driving and ultimately delivering our software solution into Tier 1 CSPs and the like around the world.”

Keith Willetts of the TeleManagement Forum examines why the topic is critical for CSPs, when they should embrace a centralized catalog and the benefits they will achieve from doing so.

“The core economics of our industry are changing and changing rapidly” says Willetts. “Moving to a centralized product catalog is to me an essential. Product Portfolios are having to broaden as providers bring in more products with more options and more variants. It’s about getting mastery of your product portfolios so you can really fight the competition in the marketplace. I don’t know too many marketplaces that have the luxury of time to say that’s not important right now. It’s a now issue for today’s marketplace.” “The thing I note in Tribold is successful installations of this, a real understanding and empathy of the product management process and the technologies needed to underpin it.”

Simon Muderack, COO and Founder of Tribold, commented: “A webcast is a great way for us to communicate the benefits of more effective product and service management to a broad audience, and as authorities on the subject, the TM Forum and Gartner are about as knowledgeable as they come”.

About Tribold

Tribold is the world's leading provider of Product Management enterprise software specifically developed for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). The Tribold Product Portfolio Manager™ (Tribold PPM™) is a single, integrated suite of enterprise product management applications that empower CSPs to put products at the heart of their business. Tribold PPM is based on a Unified Product Catalog and includes Product Data Management (PDM), Product Data Integration (PDI), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Business Intelligence (PBI), and Product Channel Management (PCM) applications.

Dramatic improvements in product management performance enable CSPs to drive increased profit by taking products and services to market faster, improving customer service through self-selection and enhancing operational efficiency.
Headquartered in London, and with offices in North America and Asia, Tribold was founded in 2003 and is privately held.
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