The future of Europe’s leading bonded automotive structure company is secure as Holden Aluminium Technologies Ltd. announce the takeover of Hydro Aluminium Ltd

10 May 2007

Herefordshire-based company Holden Aluminium Technologies Ltd (HAT) have announced their acquisition of the automotive product manufacturer, Hydro Aluminum Worcester Ltd (HAW).

HAW, which is based in Shrub Hill Worcester, makes full body structures and crash management systems for iconic companies including Aston Martin, BMW, Jaguar and Lotus and is Europe’s leading independent, bonded automotive structure companies.

HAW will now form part of the Holden Group of companies employing 190 staff across the two sites in Worcester and Bromyard.

Holden Aluminum Technologies Ltd. are based in Bromyard and its purchase of HAW significantly extends their portfolio and synergies in the automotive sector – and brings an opportunity for substantial new growth for both sites.

HAT recently won an Accelerate Manufacturing Award and has become a leader in the UK for innovative technological developments in the fabrication and forming of aluminium extrusions.

The company supplies products to the transport, medical and construction industries. Products are in evidence with Aston Martin, Renault, Morgan Cars, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Channel Tunnel Rolling Stock, Escalators, Stair Lifts, GCHQ and many specialist architectural applications globally.

Additionally, HAT was recently awarded a parts supply contract for Coventry-based commercial vehicle manufacturer Modec. The Modec range, potentially the future for urban delivery with vehicles that are environmentally friendly, was recently launched by David Cameron MP Jeremy Holden, Executive Vice Chairman at HAT and son of the company’s founder said,

“The combination of Europe’s leading bonded automotive structure company, HAW, with the forming expertise of HAT will create a new and dynamic partnership. We see the requirements of the weight conscious automotive sector are rapidly expanding and whilst historically the market has been driven by the needs of high performance sports cars, we now have the additional pressures of CO2 emissions reduction. Holden companies have been grown from a base of design and development and, with these global challenges increasing, we are accelerating our technical developments, investing in new equipment and, most importantly, enhancing our skilled workforce. We are looking forward to building strong working relationships with the many staff at Worcester and believe that together we can deliver leading products and engineering services to produce a bright, profitable and fun future for both teams.”

Commenting also on the deal Paul Stanley, head of the PDS Automotive Practice,who have been advisors to Holden Aluminium since 2003 and who conducted the Commercial Due Diligence for the acquisition of Hydro Aluminium and are now advising on the integration of the two businesses said,

“This deal is a celebration of what a small but ambitious company can achieve by deploying an effective business strategy. Holden have succeeded not by changing their people or the industry they supply, they have done so by focussing on how well they run their business. Making the most of what they have has allowed them to grow strong. This strength has enabled them to seek out and take advantage of the opportunity to acquire this significant business and accelerate growth.”

Photo left to right: Jeremy Holden Chairman of Holden Aluminium and Richard Williams, Managing Director.

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