Don’t let your dog become a hot dog this summer – AnimAlarm the award-winning temperature monitoring device that could save your dog’s life.

Victoria Davidson, creator of AnimAlarm
Victoria Davidson, creator of AnimAlarm

Now the warmer weather is here thoughts turn to holidays for many people. For those who travel with their dogs in the car to work, to showgrounds or on holiday in the UK or abroad, it is important that they travel in comfort and safety at all times and that includes making sure that the temperature is not too hot or cold in the vehicle.

All dogs are especially vulnerable to heat-related illnesses. They can only cool off by panting and perspiration through the very few sweat glands in their footpads. Even short exposure to excessive temperatures, hot or cold, can cause the body’s cells to stop working properly and release harmful chemicals, which can lead to nerve and liver damage, heart problems, brain damage and even death.

Then enter AnimAlarm, a portable new temperature monitoring device from Animaware. Ideal for owners who have to transport their dogs in the back of vehicles or keep them in kennels or other outbuildings, this innovative, portable and easy-to use temperature warning system allows you to monitor the temperature in any environment, ensuring that your dog is safe and comfortable at all times. AnimAlarm was recently presented with a Certificate of Recognition for Innovative Product of the Year 2013 by business magazine Aspire and was successfully launched at Crufts this year where it received considerable praise and interest from dog owners attending the show.

Easy-to-use and portable, AnimAlarm ensures that your dog is no longer at risk from extremes of temperature by sending a text message alert to your mobile phone for every degree that the temperature rises beyond the trigger temperature you set. The AnimAlarm is simple to use, with both Fahrenheit and Centigrade settings. It also has an ECO mode for long-term monitoring, so it is ideal for use when monitoring the temperature in kennels, conservatories, barns and other outbuildings. Manufactured and designed in the UK, AnimAlarm is extremely easy-to-use with no computer skills required. A one-year product warranty is included.

AnimAlarm comes with a SIM card and utilises the gsm network because of its robust reliability and superior coverage, both nationally and internationally; it works with any network provider and there is no limit on range for receiving text messages. You can also ‘poll’ it at any time from any phone to receive a current temperature text message. The RRP for AnimAlarm is £107.99.

Victoria Davidson a former Three Day Event rider and creator of AnimAlarm, explains how she came up with the device,

“My own two dogs, love the car; as soon as I have the door open, they’re in! They even like to sit inside it when it is at home. Research shows that even in a moving vehicle with the air-conditioning on or the windows open, the temperature throughout a vehicle can vary by up to 7°C; it can be 27°C in the front near the air-conditioning or open window and at the same time be 34°C in the back where your dog might
be! These variations in your car’s temperature can have severe consequences on the health of your dog, so it is important to stay informed. I was worried about the well-being of my dogs, so looked for something that could help accurately measure my car’s temperature but found nothing. I decided to design something for myself and, thanks to the internet, found a fantastic group of people that had the software knowledge to help turn my design into a reality.”

AnimAlarm is NOT a license to be irresponsible with your dog’s life and dogs should never be left unattended in vehicles says Victoria. In fact users of the device have been so astounded by how hot or cold a vehicle can get, AnimAlarm has acted as a clear deterrent to this practice.

This product should therefore be a real must for all dog owners.

Photo Caption: Victoria Davidson, creator of AnimAlarm.

The AnimAlarm is available via mail order from For further information you can also contact: Victoria Davidson, e-mail: or Tel: 0)1452 702062