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Bracknell, Berkshire, UK. Is the UK Data Protection Act being ignored? “Yes” says a new study, carried out by Marketing Improvement, the specialist permission-based marketing consultancy, released today.

Seventy six percent of the top UK corporations are just paying lip service to it, according to a report by Marketing Improvement, the Berkshire based experts in Data Privacy and Permission Based Marketing. Author of the report, Tim Trent, Privacy Consultant with Marketing Improvement, said “The results are dismal. You would expect FTSE 100 companies to comply with the legislation. This study shows that, in the majority of cases they are not.”

The Data Protection Act 1998 puts a legal duty on companies using data that can identify an individual. There are eight principles required by the UK Information Commissioner and by Brussels: Data may only be: (i) fairly and lawfully processed; (ii) processed for limited purposes; (iii) adequate, relevant and...

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