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The new Riello UPS Plug Dialog solves the most basic of problems for small office and home system users – how to easily protect local equipment from momentary power loss. Unlike most Uninterruptible Power Systems within the 350-650VA size band, Riello’s Plug Dialog has four output sockets that can take either standard UK 3-square pin or European Schuko plugs. You can literally plug and go!

Plug Dialog is therefore ideal for protecting a wide range of small office and domestic appliances including personal computers, scanners, printers, modems, TVs, DVD readers, Playstations, Hi-fis, phones and fax machines. Not only will Plug Dialog provide up to 30 minutes runtime – enough time to easily download the latest tunes from the new iPOD website - but when mains is present the UPS is conditioning the incoming mains to provide protection from locally generated high energy surges. The UPS will even boost low mains supply voltages to ensure that the protected loads work well...

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