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SoftScan Launches New Web Security Service

London, UK (4th February 2008) – SoftScan announced today the launch of SoftScan Web Security, a new hosted service that protects an organisation’s web traffic from malicious software attack. The service scans both internal and external web traffic and instant messaging data, in addition to providing support for managing usage policies.

“We see more and more imaginative attempts to infiltrate networks with malicious software,” says CTO Diego d’Ambra SoftScan. “The dynamic and open nature of the internet makes it easy for IT-criminals to exploit and they often hit where it is least expected. With users frequently being led to infected websites through links in their email or instant messaging service, securing web traffic is a priority. Particularly when you consider that even websites you trust can be carriers of malware – often through third party content.”

SoftScan Web Security is a hosted service, which means that there is no need for the installation or updating of software – the solution is updated and optimised on an ongoing basis using the information gathered from the traffic SoftScan handles.

There are three elements to the service:

• Web Malware Scanning
• Web Filtering
• Instant Messaging (IM) Control

Web Malware Scanning stops spyware and viruses at the internet level, before they have a chance to infiltrate a company’s network. It also protects against both known and unknown malware-threats. Web Filtering makes enforcing a company’s internet policy easy by allowing customised access policies to be created on user or group level depending on an organisation’s requirements. IM Control helps to manage the increasing use of Instant Messaging, e.g. Windows Live Messenger, AOL and Yahoo.

“Employees visiting inappropriate websites is increasingly a problem for companies. It is not so much that staff are wilfully breaking company rules, more that modern technology can sometimes be a challenge. To help overcome this we’ve included a function which scans web search results from sites such as Google in real-time to support the company’s internet policy by visually marking unsafe and forbidden websites. This prevents employees from accidentally visiting infected or inappropriate websites,” continues Diego d’Ambra.


About SoftScan
SoftScan is a leading provider of managed security services for mail, web and instant messaging. SoftScan’s services protects 7,000 private and public companies on a daily basis with a combination of market leading anti-malware scanners and proactive heuristic scanning, enabling users to use the internet securely and productively. SoftScan enables organisations to have central control and a comprehensive overview of their internet traffic, whilst eliminating the need for additional resources to maintain and update the service.

SoftScan was established in 2003 and employs more than 150 people today. Its services are sold in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the UK and Germany and are used in more than 100 countries.

PR Contact:
Sara Claridge
Marylebone Media Relations
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