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Hosted Back-up Service Secures SoHo Data

In addition, DVS Soft allows users to access files securely over the internet

Oxfordshire, UK (25th March 2008) – DVS Soft Distribution announced today the launch of DVS Soft, a hosted back-up service that ensures users never lose their data again. Packed full of features including scheduled back-up, real-time back-up and access to specified folders via the internet, DVS Soft provides a simple and secure way for SoHo users to back-up important files.

Developed from a hosted service already used by the UK insurance and financial services industry, DVS Soft allows users to back-up all or part of their data on demand or to a customised schedule. The Time Vault function allows users to designate certain files to be monitored for changes in real-time, ensuring that incidents such as the cat walking across the keyboard or the computer crashing just as the user finalises an important sentence need not be a disaster.

In addition, Magic Folders allow users to make files available for access via the internet. Partitioned into three sections with different security levels, the private and friends folders are password secured and the public folder allows users to share files with anyone using the URL address. The Magic Folders provide flexibility to the DVS Soft service that is not always available in other hosted solutions.

“It’s amazing the amount of data we acquire on our home machines from entertainment files, copies of tax returns, even the draft of a final PhD thesis and it is frequently not until they become irretrievable that users recognise the importance of comprehensive, off site back-up,” comments Andy Hansen, sales manager of DVS Soft Distribution. “Although some people already think ahead and back-up data to store in their garage, if a disaster affects the whole house such as a fire or flooding, then the chances are that those disks will be destroyed too.”

Quick and easy to set-up, the user needs only to specify the folders required to back-up and how, DVS Soft do the rest. There is no need to close files before the back-up commences as DVS Soft will back-up all designated files regardless of whether they are being used at that time, ensuring total protection of information. All data transferred from the user’s machine to DVS Soft’s servers is secured using military grade encryption, ensuring that information cannot be viewed by anyone else.

Restoring data is simple, the user needs only to login to their account and choose the files required. Files can be restored from either a point in time or from the most recent back-up. Restoring data to a different machine, necessary after incidents such as a laptop stolen or a total machine failure, is still relatively easy, but for security reasons it is necessary to complete the automated five step security check first. Once the initial restore has been completed the service operates as before.

Available now pricing starts at £2.25 for 1 Gb of storage. For a free 14day trial visit


About DVS Soft Distribution

DVS Soft Distribution markets DVS Soft, a hosted back-up service that provides soho and businesses users with a simple and flexible way to back-up critical data. In addition to hassle free back-up, DVS Soft provides a number of unique features including real-time back-up on specified files and Magic Folders that allows users to access important information, securely via the internet. Established in 1998, DVS Soft is used widely by the UK insurance and financial services industry. DVS Soft Distribution is based in Oxfordshire, UK and the product is sold through accredited partners and resellers. For more information visit

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