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Christmas is coming - it's time to prepare for the extra guests,create some space for all those socks and pyjama presents and ensure that when the Christmas decorations do go up the house looks lovely - and clutter-free.

We’ve all seen it happen – a little bit of clutter in an otherwise tidy room that continues to grow and grow until it becomes unmanageable. But – it’s easy to get rid of unwanted clutter by following a few simple steps.

Packmate, the number one provider of clever storage solutions for the home and garden, has put together some top tips that will help you wage a war against clutter in the home.

1. Designate a spot for incoming papers. Papers often account for a lot of our clutter. This is because we put them in different spots — on the counter, on the table, on our desk, in a drawer, on top of our dresser, in our car. No wonder we can’t find...

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