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Stramash, the new Scottish board game

A new board game with a quirky ‘Scottish heritage’ has been launched in time for Christmas to appeal to people young and old who enjoy combining strategy with cunning.

Stramash is a new and improved version of the timeless classic chase game, but uses playing cards instead of dice, and interlocking wooden board pieces called ‘Mashies’ which can be adjusted depending on the number of players, ensuring maximum interaction. Stramash is played with coloured marbles called ‘Laddies’, and playing cards instead of dice, so players must depend on their strategic skills and not simply luck to win the game by sending their frustrated opponents back to their starting points.

The word ‘stramash’ has its origins in Scotland and has come to mean a ‘disorderly gathering’ or ‘ruckus’. It was most famously used by sports broadcaster Arthur Montford when describing a goalmouth rumpus in the...

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