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Extreme ‘brexit’ sites compete with traditional media influence

Economic impact attracts most voter interest, followed at distance by immigration

London, June 13, 2016 – Voters are more likely to read extreme ‘Leave’ content online than articles strongly in favour of remaining in the EU when searching for information. This is one of the findings from research by strategy consultancy Mavens of London, who analysed over 3.5 million Google search queries across 1,048 keywords. The study also shows that information about the economy in relation to the Referendum is three times as popular among UK voters as the topic of immigration, while the NHS and national security attract comparatively little interest. Media outlets BBC, the Financial Times, The Week, the Telegraph and the Guardian attract a majority share of traffic.

By analysing millions of Referendum-related UK searches, consultancy firm Mavens of London was able to identify what kind...

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