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maxon motor launches configurable DC drives


The new maxon DCX program offers high power and can be configured and
ordered completely online. – On the Swiss drive specialist's microsite, you can find innovative brushed
DC motors, planetary gearheads and encoders. The performance features of the precision drives are
impressive, but it is a special service that sets them apart: DCX motors, GPX gearheads and ENX encoders
can be configured and ordered online.

“We have invested all our know-how in the maxon DCX program. By optimizing the subassemblies and using high-
performance magnets, we succeeded in making the new drives smaller and more powerful. Simultaneously, we
have developed new production technologies and significantly improved existing processes,” says Eugen Elmiger,
CEO of maxon motor. For example, the DCX 35L, with a diameter of 35 mm, has a speed/torque gradient
(4 rpm/mNm) close to that of the existing RE 40 DC motor (40 mm diameter, 3.5 rpm/mNm). Furthermore, all DCX
drives can be configured on the Internet and will have short delivery times.

For individual requirements: Configure and order online.
The DCX 22 S has precious metal or graphite brushes, can be equipped with standard preloaded ball bearings or
sintered bearings and covers a large voltage range with six different ironless windings, System maxon®. With the
new housing, almost all mechanical configurations are possible. The mounting flange can be fully configured to suit.
This includes the thread diameter, position and number of mounting holes as well as the dimensions of the
centering collar. For use in small spaces, the DCX motor is also available in a short configuration without a flange.
The length and diameter of the output shaft can be selected, with or without flat. The DCX motors can also be
ordered with cables or with terminals. Cables are available in various lengths and with connectors.

For the entire system: Configure GPX gearhead and ENX encoder with the DCX motor.
Furthermore, maxon motor has developed new gearheads and encoders for the DCX motors. The GPX gearhead
consists of individually configurable gear stages and is now even quieter and even more robust than equivalent
sized gearheads. With a laser weld, the gearhead interface is joined seamlessly to the DCX motor. The GPX
gearheads also come with a configurable flange. The output shaft is available in different lengths, with or without a
flat, and even with cross holes or a key.

Matching maxon ENX encoders feature a strong industrialized design and high signal quality. The ENX QUAD
encoder is a single-pulse, 2-channel encoder. It is ideal for speed and direction detection. With a built in ESD
protection network, reverse polarity protection, cable strain relief and the robust design, it is an economic choice for
simple closed-loop tasks. The ENX EASY is a 3-channel encoder with line driver. A resolution of up to 1024 pulses
per revolution can be selected. Thanks to the line driver and high resolution, it is an excellent choice for high-
precision position and speed control applications. The cables of the ENX encoder are configurable in seven
lengths, from 50 mm to max. 1000 mm.

Combined together the, maxon DCX, GPX and ENX form a high-precision, robust drive system ideal for any
application from aerospace to medical to robotics. In fact anywhere that requires a compact, powerful, quiet and
strong drive system. An ideal partner to put the DCX range in motion is to use maxon motor’s family of motor
controllers. DCX products can be operated with either maxon’s EPOS positioning motor controller or maxon’s
ESCON servo motor controller.

“These new configurable drives provide our customers with direct access to the maxon development. With just
a few clicks of the mouse, it is possible to configure their own powerful DCX drives with reliable and a fast delivery
date confirmed when placing the order. Detailed product data can be viewed online immediately, and 3D CAD data
for the configuration is available for downloading,” says Eugen Elmiger.

For detailed product information and direct access to the configurable drives, visit